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June 29* – July 25, 2024

*Escorted flight departs NYC on June 28

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$7,695 + airfare

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Completing 9-12

The Program

Athena Spain is an authentic Spanish language immersion experience for high school students ready to improve their Spanish by going beyond tourism. Our summer program takes place in specially chosen locations in Andalusia for a highly personalized language and cultural immersion experience. Participants acquire an in depth, unfiltered understanding of the Spanish language and culture by being completely integrated into Spanish life. Students return home with a true sense of global citizenship that lasts a lifetime.

The program combines a four-week homestay experience with dynamic language instruction, daily activities and weekend excursions throughout Andalusia. Students learn to increase fluency and communicate effectively and form special relationships with host families and new Spanish friends.

Designed for students with at least two years of high school Spanish the program attracts students with a sense of adventure and genuine interest in cultural exchange and language acquisition. Our longstanding relationships with families, teachers, artists, and local experts, enable us to offer students a personalized experience. Small group size ensures each student receives a high level of personal attention. We provide a safe, supportive environment where language learning comes alive and where students can enjoy some independence to make their own discoveries.


Conil de la Frontera, located twenty miles south of Cádiz and fifty miles south of Seville, is a picturesque Spanish coastal town with whitewashed houses, endless blue skies and many outdoor cafés. Conil’s population of twenty thousand doubles in the summer when Spanish families spend their vacation here, on the Atlantic coast. Conil is a popular and authentic summer destination that we have chosen for its charm accessibility and beauty, making it the perfect place to perfect your Spanish.

Conil embodies that particular pace of life characteristic of much of the south of Spain, where nobody is ever in a hurry and things will always get done, “sooner or later.” Its people are very friendly and eager to help, and because it is a small community where most people know each other, everyone will welcome you. Day or evening, the beach is the center of activity and Conil boasts over ten miles of spectacular sandy waterfront where you can socialize with your Spanish friends while swimming, playing beach volleyball or hanging out at a beach café.

Program Itinerary

  • JUNE 28 Depart from NYC
  • JUNE 29 Madrid – Student Orientation
  • JUNE 30 Transfer to Conil
  • JULY 01 Placement Test – First Day of Classes
  • JULY 06 Biking & Kayaking Trip
  • JULY 10 Cadiz
  • JULY 12 Sevilla
  • JULY 13 Cordoba
  • JULY 16 Virgen del Carmen Fete
  • JULY 17 Gibraltar
  • JULY 24 Depart Conil for Madrid
  • JULY 25 Depart Spain


Athena strongly believes that there is no better way to improve language skills and integrate yourself fully into Spanish life than by living with a carefully selected family. The homestay is the foundation of the Athena model. We know from experience that the homestay component is vital in helping students to see and understand Spain on a deeper level and explore the nuances that lead to greater fluency. Conversations and interactions with host families and friendships that are formed are what differentiates our program and truly make it unique.

Homestay Families
Our experienced local representatives have placed students with families over almost three decades and are natives of the towns in which they live. They ensure an excellent match between family and student, with many host families returning year after year. You will be treated as a member of the family, eat your meals together and experience a level of cultural and linguistic immersion that goes far beyond the limits of tourism. It is a testament to the strength of the program that Spanish families and their students often keep in touch long after the program has ended. Unless they request otherwise, students are placed individually with families, so that they can fully enjoy the benefits of language and cultural immersion.

Classes take place at specially hired private schools and students have access to the same classrooms and facilities available to Spanish students during the year. Equipped with ample class space, teacher and student lounges, students will have all they need to have a successful summer improving their Spanish.

As part of the homestay program, students eat their meals with their homestay families. They will see first-hand how traditional Spanish meals are prepared and cooked, and get a chance to try some Spanish classics: tortilla española, gazpacho, bocadillos de jamon and more. Your homestay family will make effort to ensure that you are comfortable and try to accommodate any dietary needs, but please discuss any restrictions or preferences with Athena staff before attending.

Athena - Globe

Language Study

Five days a week from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm.
Athena - Workshops


Spanish Cooking, Surfing, Community Service, Soccer and more!
Athena - Activities


beach volleyball, tennis, soccer and more!
Athena - Trips


Sevilla, Córdoba, Beaches, Gibraltar.

Next Steps

Athena Spain is directed by Marta Ramos. If you have questions or would like to learn more about what makes Athena Spain different, please reach out.