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June 29* – July 25, 2024

*Escorted flight departs NYC on June 28

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$7,695 + airfare

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Completing 9-12

Spanish Language Study

Daily Spanish classes with our experienced faculty expand your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic expressions, so that you have the confidence to interact with your homestay family and Spanish friends on a daily basis. The curriculum has been carefully designed based on over three decades of experience, as well as student, parent and teacher feedback.

The language course meets five days a week from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm, and is taught at two or three different levels to accommodate intermediate to more advanced students. A placement test on the first day of class will determine the appropriate level for each student.

The class integrates classroom lecture, audio materials, workbook exercises and a variety of texts to develop fluency in all aspects of the Spanish language. Classroom time is divided into intensive language practice (oral and written) and general grammar review with an emphasis on “real life” situations. Every day, students complete two pages of their Spanish diary. A final oral presentation in Spanish is also required.

Our experienced faculty is drawn from qualified native Spanish instructors with ample experience teaching Spanish to foreign students. Our faculty returns year after year, and is specially selected for their dynamism and enthusiasm.

Next Steps

Athena Spain is directed by Marta Ramos. If you have questions or would like to learn more about what makes Athena Spain different, please reach out.